Change time:HH:mm:ss only to time:HH:mm

Hi, im need date as time:HH:mm, but this dont work, the date that was supposed to be 04:53 is turning 21:12

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Did you use the conversion option on the right side “Standard Option” → Unit → Date & Time and find the right option?


This dont work, is showing:

The correct value is this:

But, if i remove the ss, is turning

Edit: the value is coming from zabbix at second, in this case 18420

Thanks for the reception

What is your Data source and which panel visualisation you are using?

The data is coming from a zabbix item, and i test with stat and gauge.

Thanks and the date which is coming from the Zabbix on the Stat and Gauge panel is 21:12 but it should display 04:53 ?

Now is 05:07, because the info was changed. Show with time or duration HH:mm:ss is not a problem. The problem is when i change only to HH:mm.

what info are we talking about here?

ok, in short, I get information from zabbix and it comes back to me in seconds, I need to show it in grafana like: 00:00h. In grafana I have the format 00:00:00h, (HH:mm:ss) this transforms my information from seconds to hour perfectly, but if I use HH:mm, to transform it to 00:00h, the transformed information get wrong , an example: the correctly time it should showed 05:07h from 1842 seconds, is showing 21:00h

There is no such formatting as HH:mm that I know of in grafana itself. Does zabbix not provide such formatting function? Maybe use Dynamic Text Panel that you can use javascript to get the desired formatting HH:mm

I agree with @yosiasz as the best way is to simply query this directly from Zabbix instead using Grafana.

Plus, if you achieve it via zabbix then you save more data and time if relying on Grafana to convert it.

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