Grafana subtracts 7 hours from timeseries data from CSV date

I am trying to build a timeseries dashboard from configuration files that look like this:

2021-06-27 00:00:00,0,0,0,0.54,0,0.54,40
2021-06-27 01:00:00,0,0,0,0.63,0,0.63,40
2021-06-27 02:00:00,0,0,0,0.86,0,0.86,40
2021-06-27 03:00:00,0,0,0,0.56,0,0.56,40
2021-06-27 04:00:00,0,0,0,0.56,0,0.56,40
2021-06-27 05:00:00,0,0,0,0.56,0,0.56,40
2021-06-27 06:00:00,0,0,0.05,0.55,0,0.5,40
2021-06-27 07:00:00,0,0.12,0.55,0.55,0.01,0.14,40
2021-06-27 08:00:00,0,1,1.69,0.73,0.03,0.07,44
2021-06-27 09:00:00,0,2.05,2.8,0.71,0.07,0.04,54
2021-06-27 10:00:00,0.03,2.12,3.64,1.49,0.14,0.08,67
2021-06-27 11:00:00,0.02,2.9,4.24,1.32,0.15,0.09,81
2021-06-27 12:00:00,0.18,1.14,4.52,3.55,0.1,0.09,93
2021-06-27 13:00:00,0.38,1.04,4.48,3.63,0.22,0.03,98.5

Grafana translates the first reading back in time 7 hours to 2021-06-26 17:00. So the entire graph is 7 hours off.

I tried setting default_timezone to America/Los_Angeles and also setting the timezone in the Configuration (gear) panel but that doesn’t help.

I looked at Transforms but the documentation doesn’t have any examples of how to do math on row values. Transforms seem mostly to be about joins and summing across fields.

Anyone know how to fix this? Thanx.



What is the source of this data? It seems your data is not saved as UTC which is what grafana needs your data to be saved as. For example in your SQL server database.

The data was collected in California. The field format is correct for Grafana (YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm).Grafana has the default_timezone configuration in the grafana.ini file to set the default timezone which was set to America/Los_Angles. The timezone was additionally configured on the Configuration control.

Why does the data need to be saved as UTC?


The time has to be in UTC format as yosiasz says. I don’t understand why, Excel and even LibreOffice handle multiple formats. But thanx yosiasz!

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