Remove Grafana Alert Url from MS Teams alert notification

Hi All ,

I am using Grafana Docker Image for setting up a Monitoring Dashboard.

Currently i have configured alerts notifications to be posted in Microsoft Teams.

So, when the alert got generated i could see URL for the alert configuration is getting embedded automatically to the notification message.

I would like to know whether this URL can be removed from the posted message.

Any help would be appreciated.



Opened a discussion topic:


I’m not sure how to remove the button, but it is possible to change that button’s URL by setting the config option root_url under the server category.


I believe Grafana still appends /alerting/list to the URL however (source)

I tested this with the docker image grafana/grafana:10.1.2-ubuntu

You need to create custom notification template, which can be used then by MS Team contact point.

I have the following notification template and the View URL button still appears. Am I missing anything?

{{ define "teams_notification_template" }}
	{{ template "alerts.summarize_large" .Alerts.Firing }} 
{{- end }}

{{ define "alerts.summarize_large" }}
	{{ range . }} {{/*Loop over all the alerts*/}}

- **Summary**: {{ index .Annotations "summary" }}

	{{ if index .Annotations "description" }}
- **Description**: {{ index .Annotations "description" }}
	{{ end }}

	{{ if index .Labels "instance" }}
- **System**: {{ index .Labels "instance" }}
	{{ end }}
	{{ end }} {{/*Stop looping*/}}
{{ end }}