Refresh rate is set to 5s but it's not refreshing the dashboard

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Grafana and I’ve configured my first connection to a PostgreSQL database, built my first dashboard and set the refresh rate to 5s. I wanted to test it out by creating some events and checking if they appear in Grafana 5s later. I can see the new entries when I run the query from my query tool but they’re not reflecting on my Grafana dashboard. Instead, it would take 1-2 hours to show up.

It seems like it’s not requesting data from the database every 5s. Does anyone have experience with this and could possibly help me out?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @karrlarthur, thanks for sharing this. Sounds like odd behavior. Could you share a screenshot showing your dashboard and the auto-refresh setting?

One thing you could do to troubleshoot is look at the JavaScript console and network log in your browser’s developer tools - and check if there are any errors showing up there.

Hi @svetb thanks for your reply!

Checked the console and network log, no errors showed up.

Interesting. I see you have time overrides applied on all panels. I’m not sure if there’s a conflict there, but to try and narrow down the possible cause, maybe try removing the override (on at least one or two panels) to test without it?

If all is well, you should see the rotating “refresh” arrows at the top right of your panels every few seconds.