Singlestat Refresh issue in 4.5.2

Good afternoon - Within my Nagios 4.3.4 (15 second update) /Grafana 4.5.2 setup, I have a dashboard containing a row with a chart measuring CPU usage. However, it won’t auto refresh, other than by me pressing F5. The auto-refresh settings are 5s,10s,30s,1m,5m,15m,30m,1h,2h,1d, but no matte how long I leave it, it never it never autorefreshes.
Can anyone make any suggestions, please?
Thanks in advance

maybe your query does not have a time range in the query? what data source do you use and what is the query? What is the response from your time series database?

Good afternoon, Torkel - thanks for coming back to me. Sorry - I should have mentioned that it’s InfluxDB. I have time series graphs for CPU performance and they all refresh fine by themselves.

I found the refresh setting, thanks to one of your other posts - thank you - this thread can be closed!