Reading data from SAP HANA via WSDL link

Hello to All,
I am very new to Grafana, no experience with that. I try to get and display some data from SAP in Grafana.

I have a webservice link to specific program in SAP. Connection is established - I tried Loki, but no data. I have to say, I have no clue, what to do now. If some specific plugin should be used of it the request for data must be written in some form…

The goal is to show an open orders in production and update the list continuously from SAP.

Any hint would be appreciated.

Hi @adamgottwald

It sounds like you need the SAP Hana datasource plugin for Grafana:

That plugin, however, requires an enterprise license. For an OSS solution, I’d maybe start with this external tutorial:

welcome to Grafana!

Hello @mattabrams

I did it with Infinity plugin and it works. I am calling a program in SAP via xml and it returns me a correct results.

@mattabrams I have created another topic, related with that :smiley: Because I have to solve another problem.

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