How to determine (calculate) difference from now - Infinity plugin

Hello colleagues,
I am very new to Grafana and I am stuck with my task. I need to say (calculate somehow), if every single customer order is in delay or not and get a solid value in days (minus value for past, zero now and plus values for future date) or simple status “delayed” or “OK”. Just simple evaluation for every order line I have which then I could use for further processing, like compare status of packing and so on. I have date, on which the order should be packed and if exceedes now, it is delayed.

I am using Infinity plugin to communicate via WSDL link with one program in SAP. URL is called with XML envelope to get the data. So far so good. So, it is live connection to SAP.

I get the date from this data source and I need somehow compare this date whith actual date which I do not have and this dane must be dynamic.

I have tried to do a value mapping via date “from now” but the text inforamtion in form “before 12 days” and so on was not possible to use for any regex operations.

So I tried to make a fake MSSQL database connection to get GETDATE(). So I got it, but I was unable to use it because it is a different data source.

So, my question is, if I am able to use this different data surce via variable or somehow for my purpose? It that a correct way?

Next idea was, that if is possible to adjust XML envelope, to add some XML element, which could create actual date or use actual date element, rename it a input actual date into it. But I am not so experienced with XML possibilities.

I found this topic: Semi relative timeshift query InfluxDB/Grafana
But it seems useless to me, because I even do not have such possibilities in case if Infinity query.

Any help or sugestions would be appreciated. Yes, I can ask SAP guys to add me column with dynamic today date but it is highly possible that this will not be the only case I will have to solve.

Thank you.

@sriramsugumaran do you have any feedback here for this user working with Infinity?

@adamgottwald can you post sample XML data and sample output of what you are trying to achive? That will be helpful to understand the requirements better

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