Datasource Grafana - SolarWinds

Hello everyone!
someone could help about DataSource Grafana - SolarWinds
I have found a SolarWinds (SWIS) which is SolarWinds Information Service
which is basically - a data access layer for the Orion product family that provides a hybrid of object-oriented and relational features. It has its own SQL-like language called SolarWinds Query Language (SWQL).

GitHub DataSource link - GitHub - etichy/grafana-swis-datasource: DataSource plugin for grafana to access SolarWinds data via SWIS REST API
we have to extract the zip file into the data/plugins subdirectory for Grafana.
in the latest version of the Grafana we don’t have the data/plugin path

Could someone help or is there any Data source for Grafana alternatively


Hi @syedkhadeerahmed1212 if the folder data/plugins doesn’t exist you can simply create it. if you don’t see in the grafana start log that grafana tries to load the plugin check if perhaps you have a custom path for plugins in your custom.ini Configure Grafana | Grafana documentation

Keep in mind the plugin you link is not signed and most likely grafana will refuse to load it because of that. You can allow specific plugins to load unsigned via configuration too Configure Grafana | Grafana documentation

I am not aware of any alternative plugin for SolarWinds.

Unfortunately you might encounter some issues with that plugin, we’ve seen reports that there were incompatibilities with Grafana v9.

Potential alternatives could include the infinity plugin Infinity plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs or maybe even one of the SQL datasources to connect to the Orion database.

HI Guys ,
i had to do it by myself create connector that can take the data from solar …
i manage to do it in 2 ways :
use the oob mssql datasource and query the solarwind database
the sec option is to use infinity DS but first you need to create API user in solar so you can select your data from solar ,the key is first to understand the tables in solar and collect the data that you need
sorry i didn’t put too much technical info ,but you can ping me for help and i can assist in any way you need

Hello djta, could you please tell me how you acheived this integration in detail please. I,d like to do the same. Thank you for your feedback