Solarwinds datasource plugin


If I would like to sponsor development of a grafana DS for solarwinds - which direction would you all point me in?
Should I rather broadcast this on, or where would I find qualified developers capable of this?
The plugin would obviously be opensource…

Hi there, I can certainly help you out. I’ll send you an email followup with details.


Has there been any progress with this?
We are trying to create a sync between the SQLdb of solarwinds to postgres to be able to visualise metrics on grafana. Wanted to check with you about the support of solarwinds before we do this work.

Anyone create this? @mattttt did you end up performing this work?

Hello Matt, I’m currently looking into trying to create or go about creating a Solarwinds datasource plugin. At my company we would like to be able data from SAM (Server and Application Monitor) displayed within Grafana. If possible could you help me out with?

I am also looking for a datasource plugin for solarwinds. I’ve been using the msql datasource for some simple alert metrcs but would like to utilize the API instead for full stat graphing.

What is a problem to write this plugin? Solidworks have a REST-api. This api provides any data as far as I can see. So it’s no proplem to show any part of them.

I can try to write it with basic features but I don’t have a SolarWind instance and any wishes to install and setup it. I’ll develop plugin if someone provides the remote access to own REST-api and describe what kind of data is requred.

I have a strong background in SolarWinds and its API, haven’t used grafana yet but very keen too.
Would anyone like to team up and start building this?

@mattttt @stsmr
We are also looking for Datasoruce integration of Grafana with Solarwinds.
Please let us know if the DS intgeration is success and ready.

Hi Mat,

Can you please share with me how can I integrate Grafana with Solarwinds?

Thank you!


I’m also interested if anyone has a working DS for SolarWinds. I manage a production SW install and have a test Grafana server setup. I don’t have any coding skills (I’m a systems engineer), but would be willing to put in time testing a DS that anyone might have in the works. Thanks!

Hi all,

To be honest I think we’re going a different way…

Basically use SW for monitoring, thresholding and alarms – but for data analysis, graphs etc, we skip SW.

SW doesn’t scale to the level for which we want to poll data – basically full interface mib of ~50k interfaces every minute, and loads of other stuff too (qos queues, netflow etc).

While SW can scale up on pollers, the bottleneck is the mssql database, so we’ll augment SW with respectively Grafana, Influxdb and this:

In a quick test, we’re running all 3 applications on the same VM as containers, and it seems to scale for our needs. If that changes, we can split the setup into multiple influxdb hosts to get more disk I/O. Docker allows
us a much easier install, as it will work on any Linux host…

So, while we could work on DS for SW, currently we don’t have any motivation for it…


Hi all,
Here’s plugin for Solarwinds SWIS, feel free to try it.

Hi @etichy, thanks a lot, I will give it a try.

Did it work for your needs? Do you have any other solution researched?

@pavanssetty I tried it a bit but since I had already one developed with more than just the possibility to write queries (I wrote a complete datasource plugin), I did not pursue.