Raw data shows values for metrics however when trying to do any Metric related functions on data it reports 0 for values

We noticed recently that in some of our visualizations the values for our data drops to 0 for random amounts of time and then comes back. Initially I started to look at metricbeats which we use to ship metrics to elasticsearch however after digging deeper in grafana it looks like the data is there and grafana is not displaying it correctly. I’m unsure if this is a grafana issue or a data issue but right now I’m leaning towards grafana.

Here you can see that if you use any of the Metric functions (Average, Sum, Max, Min…) that the values you get back are 0:

But if you look at the raw data, you can see that there is valid data there:

And strangely enough, if you go back to the 7 day time slice, you can see that it was reporting correctly in the past:
Unfortunately I’m only allowed to embed 2 images…

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This is indeed an interesting one. Hmm, is it possible for you to reproduce this on https://play.grafana.com/ and share the steps of reproduction?


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I’ve never used play.grafana.com, how would I get my data into there to be able to reproduce this?