Grafana returning wrong values with ES as datasource

Hi, I was testing Grafana in order to implement it on my prod, but unfortunately is not displaying the values as they should, everything is completely wrong.

I have metricbeat running on each VM, and pushing data to an ES cluster, then I have an NGINX that is balancing the ES cluster, but only for requests coming from Grafana.

I have created the datasource as ES, created the dashboard, looking good, but then I realized that all the values are completely wrong or in some cases, different hosts are reporting the same metrics, strange behavior!!

For example a VM that has 4GB of RAM, Grafana is reporting 12GB.


and this is the real output that I got from ES

both are running the same query and checking the same term, so I really do not know what to check.

Any help or advice will be much appreciated.

Please check the query… Is there any filter to the specific VM?

Hi, this is the query that I’m using

pretty much simple, and if I run the same query from ES, the value returning is correct!
So it is Grafana that somehow is processing the value and displaying wrong.

I really do not know what else should I check.

Let’s check the variable… Perhaps the variable bring some wrong value…

@fadjar340 @carminefabrizio @dannykopping
Hello everyone,
This is the JSON format which I get from Elasticsearch for TRUE value:
“mailAlerting”: {
“boolValue”: true,
“codeNumber”: 1,

And this is the format for FALSE value:
“mailAlerting”: {
“boolValue”: false,
“codeNumber”: 0,

But unfortunately, the raw display for FALSE shows “00” instead of “0” in the AUTO Cell display mode.
The attached screenshot also shows that it shows correct values in JSON Cell value display mode.
Please let me know if this is a BUG from Grafana side or am I missing something.

Thanks in advanced.

Screenshot 2021-05-31 120507
Screenshot 2021-05-31 120544