Grafana / Dashboard from ElasticSearch

Hello All,

I have a strange behavior that i’m note able to understand.
Context: I have built a graylog server (3) with an obvious ES instance (on a server dedicated).
An other server provides a grafana instance.

In the grafana instance, i have configured an ES connector which seems to work correctly (i maybe wrong).

From the explore menu, i can browse (log sub menu) datas picked up from the ES instance:

first problem: from the metrics option, nothing is available (i think my problem is here…)

A dashboard with a simple “message counting” is working correctly (simple, basic, it’s my first dashboard :smile: ). the graphics data seems to be correct (the logging slave send one message every 30s for this test)

And as you can expect, I have a little trouble: when i’m trying to add other kind of graphics … nothing works as expected:

the groupby submenu show my ES keys datas
But the metric menu does not allow me to choose my data to graph:

Anyone could have an idea of my error(s)?

Thanks !

From the explore menu, i can have a look on data polled from ES instance:

First dashboard counting the messages, with ES queries:

Found… (thanks to kibana :smile: ) : using the functionnality of browsing mappings read from ES input … i saw that de data read where not numeric but keys => not a metric.

I think such a feature in grafana (read raw data from datasource, to investigate …)

The problem was resolved into graylog by adding many extractors [one by data] with integer (double) conversion.