Table Panel doesnt properly aggregate data when value is below 1

Hello There,

So I built this monitoring solution using metricbeat and pushing kubernetes metrics into Elasticsearch and built dashboards on those. As part of that, I created a table for a metrics by doing average or sum for given time frame and for some reason those values seem to show up in table as 0 and anything below 1 is automatically being set to 0. I verified data in query inspector and there as well I see that value is shown as 0. Later I did a table using raw document, and values do appear as they are supposed even for ones that are lower than 1. Is there something am missing here? Am using Grafana 5.4.2 version and ElasticSearch version 6.1

Have a feeling this could be because of wrong field type set for that value. Am looking into it now. Will update if I find something on this!!