Raspberry Pi chromium-browser hanging from memory

Running Grafana v7.0.6 server on a FreeNAS server.
I have a monitor connected to a Raspberry Pi 3+ running latest Raspian with chromium-browser. Everything is updated. I load my Grafana dashboard and everything works at first but a few hours later it hangs due to the memory filling up.
I monitored the raspberry pi memory, chromium-browser starts around 32% but when it hangs it is around 75% and the pi needs a power cycle.

I suppose i could install an auto refresh chrome extension, but i feel like there is a better solution. Any advice is welcome.

Same here - but with Firefox instead Chromium :frowning:
Sometimes it works 6h, sometimes only 1h without freezing.
With Grafana 6.x the monitoring worked like a charm. Since 7.x only trouble.

Any suggestions?