Question about users & permisions


i want to create almost 3 dashboard, but only certains user can see the same dashboard, the data sources is the same for all.
For example:

In a school the director can see all data of students, but teachers can see only the data of their stundents, and the nurse can see all medical data of the students. I’m not clearly how to do that for the same organization, my idea is doing 3 diferent organizations with different dashboards.


What database are you using? You should be careful here if sharing the same data source for all three groups. Grafana cannot stop the nurse creating his own query to see all the data. If the database is an SQL database then you should create three different db users with the appropriate permissions. Then in Grafana, you would create three data sources - one for each db user.

In Grafana open source, you will have to create 3 orgs to keep the users from accessing the data that they should not see. (Grafana Enterprise has more features around permissions).

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hi!, thanks for your reply.

for the moment i 'd create an org with diferent teams and users, all the user are viewers, i will have an admin user to create dashboard, user, etc, then i create diferent folders for the diferent teams and get them permisions in folders and dashboard if i need it, i think this aproach is ok and resposable with grafana arquitecture.