MySQL authentication credentails per user

Helly everyone,

My situation:
I want to set up a grafana dashboard for multiple users with mysql as data source.
Each user has a mysql account with only limited access to some tables in a database due to data protection regulations. This means only some users have access to a table x in a database y.
If I set up a data source as admin with some given mysql credentials, every user of grafana is able to view the same tables (sometimes even tables they are not allow to view with their mysql credentials).

My question:
Is there a possibility for me to define a shared dashboard and a mysql data source where each user has to use their own mysql credentials for the connection to the data source to enforce the mysql user privileges. For example the user login credentials for grafana could be passed to mysql.

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The MySQL data source creation require providing user/pass :

What you can do for your case is create separate data source per group of user requirements and restrict access based on the Grafana users on your datasources.

Hope it helps.

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