Lock a user to a specific datasource

Hi all,

I’ve created a Dashboard for an application I manage. Each customer who uses the applicaion has a separate datasource in Grafana, and I can change the datasource (currently a dropdown list of datasources to set a variable) to see a specific customers application metrics.

Now someone in my organisation would like to make that dashboard available to customers. However we don’t want one customer to be able to see the metrics for another customer. Is it possible in grafana to allow users to view a Dashboard, but restrict the user to a specific datasource? If possible I’d like to be able to have the 1 Application dashboard rather than create separate dashboards per customer.


Data source permissions is only available in the Grafana enterprise

Thankyou torkel.

Looks like I’ll have to go with 1 dashboard per customer, and lock each customer’s user to a specific dashboard. unless I can convince my management to invest in Grafana enterprise.