Row Level Security for Enterprise edition

Hey I’m evaluating the Enterprise version at the moment.

I could not find any documentation on Row Level Security. It does state that “Datasource/Table Permissions is only available in Grafana Enterprise”.

This is great but my use case needs the ability to have Row Level Security. I.E. have different filters options available to different users on the same dashboard.

Is this a feature that is available in Grafana Enterprise?


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I’m also interested in this question.

Hi @inad9300 and @kvantakala,

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I do not understand the part where you wrote that;

So, we do have data source permissions that also allow specifying which particular data sources each user is allowed to access.

Here is the link to the documentation:

But, if you want to restrict data source queries depending on who is looking at a dashboard, then we do not currently have support for this feature.

Does it answer your question?

To me, that indeed answers the question. It is rather unfortunate, though. Row-level access control is present in pretty much every non-trivial web application. The data in those rows tends to be dynamic and abundant, making the definition of different Grafana data sources unfeasible. It would seem like a super basic need to me, but oh well, at least now I know.

I was hoping to achieve that through a custom data source using the SimpleJson plugin, but I’ve just learned it is no longer maintained. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any other option at the moment.

this thread might help.

based on principle of Access-control list - Wikipedia