Grafana Permissions query

I am new to Grafana and want to know if this feature is supported or not

  1. Want to create users who can login to Grafana and see only a subset of hosts that are monitored using our monitoring solution which writes data to Influx DB and visualised using Grafana(i.e. different users should be able to see different hosts based on their privileges)

  2. Same applies to services with in the hosts


I’m pretty new to Grafana too, but if I understand your question correctly the answer is most likely yes, depending on the roles of the people, it can do that.

But the first thing to get straight are the terms used in Grafana.
First off instead of “hosts” you have “data sources”. In your case Influx DB.
Next is the “privilege levels” supported by Grafana. There is admin, editor, and viewer.
Only admin can create new data sources to be used. Admin is also the only level that can set permissions, create users and organizations.

From what I can see any user that has editor permissions can make use of any of the data sources that the admin has created.

A user with viewer permissions can do just what it says only view dashboards/panels/folders that either an admin or editor has created.

There is a structure of Organization, folder, dashboard, panel (a panel is a graph).
In each Organization there is a general folder that all users can access. To restrict users from a folder you need to create a new folder and then you will be able to change the permissions on that folder. By selecting the dashboard icon on the left -> Manage -> hover over the folder and a gear icon will appear, select it, and then you will have a Permissions tab.

Here is the documentation describing the features: