Permissions to dashboard for a subset of data metrics


we are deployig grafana + graphite and collecting nmon stats from over 400 AIX lpars. Different sets of lpars belong to different customers and obviously I don’t want to have 1 dashboard for all allowing all customers see all others lpars stats. But I don’t want to have 50 copies of the same dashboard with the list of permitted lpars hardcoded in it in a variable either.
The way I see it is to have 1 dashboard, define variable $lpars, which right now is ‘nmon.*.*’ (it is like nmon.<machine serial number>.<lpar name>… ) and somehow have it dymanically populate the correct allowed list of lpars the person is allowed to see, perhaps somehow retrieve from ldap.

Is there a way to accomplish this tricky requirement, or is it a candidate for a feature request?

thank you

No. Graphite does not have any way to restrict query access to a subset of data. You that you need to isolate your data into different Graphite servers and then create multiple orgs within Grafana and add a unique data source for each graphite server.

You cannot use Grafana permissions to control data isolation. Even a Viewer user who only has access to one dashboard can issue any possible query to the TSDB backend.