Login authencation for users in grafana

HI ,

I have a sensor module, I want to configure my grafana dashboard in such a way that, Each user will have multiple devices like sensor modules and controllers and when they login using grafana dashboard they can see only data of their devices like sensors and controller modules. the information about devices will be fetched from mysql and influxDb.
Please note here admin can configure dashboard for each user, but user can access data of their devices only.
please if you can suggest any information or suggestion.

Hi @aswinikumar1990 - what version of Grafana are you trying to do this with? Data source permissions at the individual user level is a Grafana Enterprise feature and you need an active license to enable that.

If you’re using the Grafana 7+ open source version of you might be able to get close to that kind of setup using a combination of the Teams feature (one user per team), adjusting permissions, and setting up new default dashboards at the team level. On the user role level - it depends how much access you want to give them to edit panels and query data: https://grafana.com/docs/grafana/latest/permissions/organization_roles/

Hi @samcoren I use Grafana v6.7…