How to protect a data source?

Can I protect a data source so it can only be accessed by specific users?

I have two departments (TECH and FINANCE), two data sources (WRENCHES and MONEY) and one Grafana installation.

Is it possible to protect WRENCHES so it can only be accessed by by TECH? The same with MONEY and FINANCE. (no need to tell we don’t want those suit guys touching our tools)

Ah yes, I am using influxdb for the time being.


That’s a question about datasource authorization - it is not possible at the moment. Any authenticated Grafana user is able to use any available datasource. The best option for you will be to create separated Grafana instances for all your departments and then use specific InfluxDB user in the InfluxDB datasource configuration, which will have (read-only) access to particular DB (I hope you don’t keep all departments data in the same DB).

Do you have any guidelines to follow on this? I have read a few posts that indicate there are a few pitfalls to avoid.
I’m on Centos7 if that matters - installed your RPM


You could use different organizations in one Grafana instance as well.

I agree. Use Grafana organizations.

Each organization contains their own dashboards, data sources and configuration, and cannot be shared between orgs.

At least until this feature is closed.