Is it possible to assign a dashboard to a particular user?

I’m sorry if the title question seems kind of dumb, but consider I’m very new to Grafana.
In a couple of days I’ve just built a dashboard for the moment by using an Elasticsearch datasource.
My main goal is to create several dashboards for each client (and each client would be able to access those by using a single “view only” account).
I was wondering: is it possible to instruct Grafana to show only certain dashboards to a particular user?

Let’s say for instance that I built dashboards A, B, C, D, E, and I need to show some data to clients 1 and 2.
Client 1 can only view dashboards A, B, C.
Meanwhile, client 2 can only view dashboards D, E.
Obviously, the strict requirement is that a specific client CANNOT view the dashboards of other clients (this rule is applied to all clients).

Is that possible?
Which settings do I need to change in order to instruct Grafana to behave in such way?


Very good question. Will this be for internal users on an on prem server or cloud

Thank you for your reply.

For the moment I’m testing the solution on my personal server machine, but I think I will end up deploying it on cloud when all the dashboards are ready.
Is there any difference in the Grafana configuration for the type of deployment?

By the way, I just realized that in the post I forgot to mention I’m using Grafana OSS.

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Might help for you to read this

Afterwards post back if you are stuck or have any questions

If you use Grafana OSS, you can create multiple Org to give the specific client. Then put the user into that Org. Then you can export and import the JSON file to that org and put the permission for the user for specific client in that org to Viewer.


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