How to restrict a user to a particular dashboard only?

I am running Grafana v5.2.4 (0bbac5c) on Ubuntu Linux 16.04. I would like to restrict the ability of a particular user only to one particular dashboard. I have made this dashboard the home dashboard for that user, but how do I prevent the user from switching to a different dashboard?

I have read the part of the documentation about permissions but it seems to be outdated. There is no “Permissions” tab under “Dashboards”. Nor “Dashboards” or “Settings”, for that matter. All I can see there are “Manage”, “Playlists”, and “Snapshots” tabs. I’ve also looked at Configuration/Users, Configuration/Teams, Configuration/Preferences, Configuration/Server Admin/Users, Configuration/Server Admin/Settings, and Configuration/Server Admin/Orgs but I can’t find anywhere how to indicate which dashboards a user is allowed to access.

Dashboards -> Manage -> configure folders -> you have to use folders structure because folders have permissions. Linked doc looks good to me - I guess you just don’t use folders.

I had everything in the General folder; I didn’t realize that it’s not possible to set permissions for this folder.

OK, I have created a special folder where I moved the dashboard that I want to be restricted to a particular user. However, I still don’t understand how to do it. To be precise, I want a particular user (let’s call it Test) to be able to view-only the dashboard Test and nothing else. (If other users can view the dashboard Test, that’s not a problem; I just want the user Test not to be able to view anything else.)

I have created a folder Testing and have moved the dashboard Test there. How do I lock this user out of the other dashboards? Should I move all other dashboards to some other folder? The user Test currently has a Viewer role, should I remove that? Or should I create a team and make him a member of this team? And then what? This is so non-intuitive…

From the documentation I can understand how to add permission for a user to view a particular dashboard, but not how to deny him this ability… I can’t take the “Viewer” role away from him, because every existing user must have either Viewer, or Editor, or Admin role, no?

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I have solved this issue creating different Organizations.
In an Org you truly assign who can view, edit and admin, and nobody else can access