Hide folders/dashboards from specific users

So what I’m trying to do is using grafana cloud hide several dashboards from specific users. Based on several forum post that I came across I put my dashboards in individual folders and made sure that permissions were set. Namely the default ones which says “No permissions are set. Will only be accessible by admins.”
However as my finial picture in the imgur link shows my viewer account is still able to see the dashboards in folders where it doesn’t have permission to do so. Any idea on what I’m missing, thanks a lot for the help.

For reference here are some screenshots of what I see, the first two are taken from my admin account and the finial is taken by a separate “viewer” who from what I understand should not be able to see the folder/dashboard in the folder yet the viewer is able to do so:


Please confirm that he can only see the dashboard name and cannot access it though

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From both of the viewer accounts are able to see the dashboard name And are able to load it


Did you remove the permissions for viewer on those dashboards ?

There is an example here :

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Thanks for the help!

I think that must be it, it makes the most sense. But from my admin account this is what I see

The first picture is the permissions of the dashboard. It just says admin
However when I try to add a permission it says that its already part of it (second picture), so that is the case but for some reason I can’t see the permissions, weird

So i think that’s it, the dashboard is giving the viewer permission by default but for some reason I can’t seem to edit it. Any idea on what I’m doing wrong here? Thanks!