User Admin and Dashboards management

I am using Grafana V4.4.3 and currently i have 7 dashboards, 5 users and 2 organization.
first organization is main org and used to monitor my network and my customers. second organization is created to let the customer login(viewer only) and check his graph;
how can i get copy of the dashboard already created in the main org to the customer dashboard without building it from scratch: i tried import and export feature and didn’t work and i did not find help for this case in the basic docs.

Export and then import should work. I guess the problem is that the data source is missing in your customer’s org? You will have to create any data sources used by the dashboard in the new org before importing the dashboard.

If you are using the Grafana 5.0 beta, it might be easier to use the folders and dashboard permissions feature rather than creating a new organization.