Organizations and permissions structure for multiple customers/clients

Hello Grafana Community :grin:,

  • I have a question about the structure of grafana organization and permissions subjects.
  • I know that a Grafana user with Viewer rights can view all dashboards in a specific Organization.
  • I have Grafana v5.1.3

Lets suppose that we have Two organizations A and B, and 4 users (two per organization), A1 and A2 belongs to organization A and B1 and B2 belongs to organization B and finally my role as Admin.
So i would like to ask some questions:

  1. When i am connected to organization A as the admin, and invite another user(A3 with Viewer right) for the first time, the operation is executed from an organization A so this user A3 will be only in organization A and will only see dashboards in organization A. Am i right or wrong? and why please :rofl:

  2. If the previous questions is correct, can the user (lets consider A3) temper the http request to access the other organization B dashboards? or even only see other organization names?

Why i am asking this? the idea is to manage multiple client(by client i mean a company) dashboards (with relatively sensitive data), and i would like to make a full isolation of client per organization and when creating a user, i would like him to only have from the creation time an access to a specific organization.

Another point, i believe that one day grafana will be the defacto and the number one solution for data visualization and monitoring :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Thank you very much :wink:

  1. If you invite a user from org A the user will only have access (be a member of) that org

  2. we are not aware of any http tampering to gain access to an org (& it’s data sources) that you are not a member of.

Thank you for the information :slight_smile: cristal clear