Is a way of splitting PreProd Dashboards by Prod Dashboards using same Grafana GUI for them?


I’m using a single VM instance of Grafana/ Prometheus for 2 Environments: PreProd and Prod
Is there a way of splitting in the Grafana GUI the access for PreProd Dashboards from Prod Dashboards by something like permissions/ ORG or is a way of hiding for specific users to permit only to access only Grafana Dashboards for PreProd?

An example will be really appreciated.
Any idea? :slight_smile:

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Not sure I understand. You can have one organization for each environment.

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Thank you for responding to this question.
I have only 1 VM where I’ve installed Grafana+prometheus+influxdb and here I’m collecting from VM’s that are in PreProd and also from Prod different mertics and I want to have in the same GUI Grafana different access for PProd and Prod, now I have all folders containing dashboards for specific components from both environments PProd and Prod in same interface where all users can see.
Yes this I was looking for, but I need a clear example of this implementation or maybe something already implemented.
I have only one Org but I need to split the PProd Dashboards by Prod Dashboards and also to know if I can give permissions in both orgs to the same users or is possible only in one specific organization, for example if I want to permit to one user to see dashboards from Org1 and Org2 or another case to limit a user only to see Dashboard for PProd.

I want to have 2 views for PreProd and Prod with specific folders for each environment not all folders for Preprod and Prod together in same interface.

Kindly give me an example.

Thank you in advance.
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One user can be part of multiple organizations or just a single organization. In each organization you can setup permissions for each user (or team) in that organization, see

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Thank you!

All the best wishes.