Administration Docs

We have just bought a basic grafana cloud plan.
I’m the administrator. I need to make a plan to publish the datasource and dashboards to all users. I’m looking for documentation on how to publish them to all org uses to have access to it.

The Grafana in Grafana Cloud is exactly the same as normal Grafana.

I don’t know the normal Grafana you are talking about. The only Grafana i know is the cloud Grafana.

I created the instance and now i’m having difficult to add members. My plan is for 10 users.
1 - where do i create the users? Do I have, as admin, create all users for the team or each team member should create itself?
2 - after the user creation i added to the org. But this new user didn’t see the datasource neither the dashboard of the org. Why?

The docs are not so clear how to do it.


Sorry, I assumed that you had used previously used Grafana installed locally.

To add new users:

  • Add them to your organization on
  • Get them to log in and their user login will be created automatically in the Grafana instance

Hi, Daniel.

At the, under my org, I hit “members”. See below:

Then i hit “+ add members” button at upper right. I suppose that i have to type an existing user instead of a new one. Every time a type a new username, role and privacy, there is an error message. See the print below.

Where do I register a new user and set de name and password for the new ones?

This form is for adding existing users to an organization. Users have to be registered through the signup page on There is currently no bulk register feature for

How many users do you need to register? I can ask the GrafanaCloud team if they can help if you have a lot of users you need to register.


It’s only 10 users. I can do it. Thanks.

In this case of registering at I will have to make a specific documentation to each one to the registration process. It’s not compicated but for the users can be.

How can I delete a registered user at


I think you need to send a request to us and we will delete it manually. Email address for contacting us directly: