How to add new users?

I am new to grafana.

I want to add new users.
I have an Admin role - i am the only user in the organization (I created it)

On User tab (under configuration) I have a button [Manage users on] - but I cannt find anything there.
I dont have “Server Admin” option under “Configuration”.
(I dont know if I am “Super Admin” - how do I check it?)

I am using Hosted Grafana - for small teams ( 10 users included)

Thank you!

Hi, any update ? I would like to add a user too ! (it was easy on Grafana “non-cloud”)

Hi I found the solution ! you have to think “reverse” :
For example, if you, as an Admin wants to create the account for say - Joe,

  1. Ask the (future) user, Joe, to register to
  2. Ask Joe to you his account ID
  3. As an Admin, you go to (where ccoeviseo is your Org pseudo)
  4. Click on the top-right hand side button [ +Add Member ]
  5. Enter the User Name (not the email of Joe !)
  6. Then choose one option : “Viewer / Editor / Admin” and the Org/public
  7. validate “Add Member”
    Yes !!
    Note : I was trying to add his Github account and other stuff… just forget that ! it’s on Joe’s Side to choose this login way.

Hope this help ! As I have created two Grafana Cloud with different ways to check what I got it wrong in the first place !!
Why couldn’t we just use B2C SSO of Github or Google and use those account as guest-account of the Grafana’s one ! it would have been less painful ??!

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