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I am new to use grafana how do i create users in grafana, invite people is that the only way to setup new users.



Go to Server Admin via Configuration menu. Under the users tab you can create new users.

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Thanks for the help

That allows you to create users but how do you assign the password. We don’t have an email system on the server that this is installed on, nor do we have access to the internet for any other means of authorisation. We just want a simple signon/password assignment.

We’re using 5.2 but i’m sure on 4.6 this was so much simpler.

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I was wondering the same thing and figured it out.

You do not set the password, the user will set it. If you go to the Users tab in configurations and head over to ‘Pending Invites’ you can see image

Copy and paste this link in your browser, this is how the invited guest will create a password

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Thanks kvantakala. We also figured it out but it was so ‘clunky’. But then we upgraded to 5.2.4 and, lo and behold:
the password ability has been added back.

The ‘invite way’ still exists in the Configuration/Invite User method but at least for our client, this is a much easier way of allowing them to create users.