what is the use of Datasource - Provisioning(5.0)

Hello…Grafna Team

Datasource - Provisioning start from (version 5.0) am i Right??

can you guide me what is the use of the Datasource - Provisioning in grafana??

what can doing we for the Datasource - Provisioning in grafana??


Have you read the docs page for provisioning? Is there something on that page that is unclear? Please describe what is missing

I want to do create a multiple user and that user i want to assign some dashboard to show but here not every user can show the multiple dashboard.

here is missing

can you guide How to do that for the example:- user A just seen only 1 & 2 dashboard and user B only Show 3 & 4 dashboard


I don’t know if I understood your question correct but

You can create a folder that only user A can see and then a second folder that only user B can see.
Both will see General folder

Think you might be mixing up provisioning and permissions. Datasource - Provisioning has nothing to do with dashboard permissions.

The docs page for permissions is here:


@daniellee can tell what is the use of the provisioning in grafana??

How can do using provisioning??


The new provisioning feature is for people who want to script/automate Grafana. Usually used with provisioning tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible or Terraform. There are different use cases but a common one is that you want to automatically create dashboards with a script outside of Grafana and then Grafana should automatically update itself when new dashboards are created or updated.

It was possible to do this via the Grafana API before but the new provisioning feature means you just have to put a file (dashboard file or data source file) in a directory and Grafana will automatically provision it. Much easier!

From the blog post for 5.0:

In previous versions of Grafana, you could only use the API for provisioning data sources and dashboards. But that required the service to be running before you started creating dashboards and you also needed to set up credentials for the HTTP API. In v5.0 we decided to improve this experience by adding a new active provisioning system that uses config files. This will make GitOps more natural as data sources and dashboards can be defined via files that can be version controlled. We hope to extend this system to later add support for users, orgs and alerts as well.

@daniellee can we using the new provisioning authentication is cover?

If know about the API Authentication() using provisioning share with the documents of API Authentication


I don’t understand your question.

I Ask you we are using custom Api Created in our project but in this provisioning Api Authentication functionality provide or not??

I do’t want to use the http://docs.grafana.org/http_api/ this api key using all dashboard and every Authentication

I wan to assign Authentication in provisioning


Still not sure if I understand. Are you asking if you need authentication for provisioning?

With provisioning, there is no API authentication needed for Grafana as you have to have access to the file system on the server where Grafana is installed to be able to place a file there. You just copy a file into conf/provisioning/datasources or conf/provisioning/dashboards.

If it is a new datasource file then you need to restart Grafana and Grafana will create/update the datasource. If it is a dashboard file then you do not need to restart Grafana.

.Ok @daniellee

Thanks!!..Given fast reply on my query.