Problem developing a plugin app. I remove components and the plugin is not affected

Hello everyone!

I am trying to develop a plugin in Grafana of app type and the thing is that I have downloaded the template using the command “npx @grafana/create-plugin@latest”.

The plugin comes with 4 pages as components, but the thing is that I want my plugin to have only 1 page. I have tried to delete the files, for example PageTwo.tsx and when I see the plugin interface it only changes the content of the pages assigning the page 1 when it should not be seen in the interface itself. Any help? Attached is a picture of the folder structure.


Hi @jcabello did you also modify the includes section in your plugin.json file? Removing the components and routes in the js code is not enough. Make sure to restart grafana after you make changes to your plugin.json file.


Thank you very much, what I needed was to restart grafana.