App plugin - After Grafana upgrade there is no custom page in the navigation bar

Hello everyone,
I developed the application plugin that has the page and the dashboards.
In the 9.4 version, the results look like this:

After the Grafana version upgrade to the latest (9.5.2) I recognized, that the link to the page disappeared, and now, the plugin looks like this:

As we can see there is no “Cluster’s list” link.

My plugin.json file defines the page with the following code:

 "includes": [
      "type": "page",
      "name": "Cluster's list",
      "path": "/a/%PLUGIN_ID%",
      "role": "Admin",
      "uid": "clusters-list",
      "addToNav": true,
      "defaultNav": false

Is somebody know, how to fix this issue?
Thank a lot!