Customize grafana UI page using app plugin

I am trying to put some drop down list item on grafana UI (under the nav bar) and upon click redirect to corresponding web page. Can i edit the UI page using a app plugin?
Any suggestion would be helpful.

You can use dashboard links to add links under dashboard navbar to other pages / web apps

Thank you for your reply, much appreciated. I have tried this, but my requirement is different.

I am trying to create three drop down list which contains data of org hierarchy. Upon user selected data, I need to navigate to a particular dashboard (which i can’t do with template variables). I would like to do this as app plugin panel (at least go to some url page upon button click). I have created my UI view page using angular 6. Now I am stuck in a stage how could I integrate this as Grafana app plugin or use as one. Please guide me through how would I approach this.