Custom app plugin

wanna develop custom app plugin, which will have configurable menu depends on deployment.
as example i will take app-with-dashboards
In deployment1 running grafana in docker, where will be both dashboards.
In deployment2 running grafana in docker i wanna change plugin configuration with ENV which will contain only example-dashboard1 in dashboards and also in app navigation panel.

Is it possible to do it somehow?

Also another question if there is any example how to make app plugin localization over i18n?

And last question if is anyone able to make app plugin with dashboards with Grafana 9.3.x. When im trying to run, Grafana cannot add any dashboards from plugin.

Thank you

Maybe, but not possible if you use the includes property in plugin.json. One possible way would be to implement some custom app plugin code in frontend that would create/import the dashboards based on how the app is configured. Have not tried this myself and cannot provide any pointers or details to an example so you’re kind of on your own.

There’s currently no support for i18n in plugins. Might come in the future. Look out for future release notes.

Yes, that should work. Feel free to raise a bug report on GitHub if it doesn’t work for you.

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is it possible to fork grafana and add it yourself (as with other languages) pretty easily or would that require a lot of changes to different parts of the system?

I just need to translate the app-plugin name and dropdown options (shown on picture) so I’m imagining it would be something like adding the i18n tags to those parts (I couldn’t find them in the source code tho) and adding them to the grafana.json translation files.