Unable to install custom app in version > 9.1.x

I have a custom app plugin that I’ve historically installed by copying my built src into /var/lib/grafana/plugins within docker image. This would make it available in the plugins page when the container was running and allow me to enable it. This process has been working fine up until v9.1.8.

Any version later than 9.1.8 that I use doesn’t seem to recognize my plugin at all. Strangely, all of the included custom data sources are installed, but not the included dashboards. I’ve examined the plugin.json against other custom apps and the schema is the same. I’m not sure what changed, but wondering if anyone else has run up against this issue?

Also, I’m only finding links to “legacy” app development instructions - which is what I used to create the app originally. Are there any newer docs that explain more modern patterns?

Okay, found a link in the deprecated repo to new docs/examples. I’ll comb through that further.