App Plugin with @grafana/toolkit 9.0.1

I’ve been trying to update a custom AppPlugin to the new v9 tool chain. However, the plugin fails silently when built with @grafana/toolkit@9.0.1 - all the plugin pages render 404 and none of my internal breakpoints are hit. It appears the plugin is not being loaded after being fetched.

If I revert back to @grafana/toolkit@8.5.6 then the plugin comes back to life again. Based on general reading I’ve learnt that the 9.0.1 version uses webpack 5 which is supported by noticeable difference in structure between the module.js generated for 8.5.6 vs 9.0.1

I’ve tried sticking a breakpoint in the plugin_loader here:
grafana/plugin_loader.ts at main · grafana/grafana (
which is never hit on the 9.0.1 build.

I’m testing using the grafana:9.0.1 docker image

So to summarise my question:

  • Are app plugins supported using the new 9.0.1 webpack toolchain?
  • If yes, where can I find a working example?