Problems developing a full screen page

Hello everybody!
I downloaded the template for the development of App plugins.
I have a problem with the full screen example page (PageFour.tsx) because when I copy all the code in another component (Example: PageApp.tsx) I don’t get the full screen.
In addition, I have also configured the plugin.json and reloaded Grafana Docker.

Does anyone know what could be happening to me?

Best regards, and thanks in advance.

Confirm that your plugin.json file is correctly configured to include the new component (PageApp.tsx) and that it specifies the correct route for the full-screen display. The "fullscreen" property in the configuration should be set to true if you want the page to be full-screen.

Yes, I confirm that it is configured correctly, it is quite confusing, also, the template used for the plugin.json is this link:

And here I can’t find the property “fullscreen”.


The property to make it full screen must be applied to the PluginPage component.

Doubt solved.