POLYSTAT (v1.2.4) overrides not working

<!-- We recently installed GRAFANA v8.02(5c5d45e19f) and POLYSTAT v1.2.4. When building a panel using POLYSTAT, nothing works within the OVERRIDES section. It is truely as if this section is not enabled somehow. I click on the "+ ADD" button, and select a field-name from the drop-down list. Add a "Clickthrough" URL. Specify the appropriate "Unit". Click on the "+Add Threshold" button and define a threshold-level (for testing I set it to zero) and specified the color. I then save the panel. And nothing that I specified in the Overrides (above) works... the "units" are still displayed as defined in the "Global" section, the threshold is still what's define in the "Global" section...

Installed Grafana v8.0.3(cae5c5e46b)… still not working.

My field names all had “special” characters in them, causing the overrides not to work (would have been nice to be warned about this). Added the Regex “escape” character (the back-slash) where appropriate in the name (in the override definition), and everything works fine now.

Hello @bobwilcox,

I’m having all sorts of issues with overrides with version 8.0.3 that I haven’t found a solution for and am convinced that it’s a bug. I’m using the “Organize Fields” override and whatever I hide or rename as a column name reverts ever time the panels refresh. The Time Series graph is also buggy as at times it shows as an empty graph. I have to change it to Graph(old) then back again for the graph to show.

I resolved the issue after opening a bug report which found that my column names were changing on refresh causing the overrides to reset. I dropped the columns that were causing this as they weren’t needed and that fixed my issue.

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