Override not applied in time-series panel

I am using Grafana 8 / linux (the latest docker image)

In a time series panel with two data series, I am trying to specify a different style for the second series by specifying overrides for the 2nd. However, these seem not to be effective.

Here is a screenshot of the graph:

Here are the settings I am trying to apply to one of the series:

Retrieving the data for the two series from InfluxDB2 does work (the values change are correct). However, somehow the override does not.

What I would expect is the 2nd series to be shown in yellow, and with the “stair case” interpolation. However, the overrides seem not to be applied.

I think it is somehow related to the selector for the override rule. When I chose the last option (which is “value (base field name)”, then the rules are applied, but in this case to both data series.

I have also experienced these types of issues whereby the overrides do not seem to be applied. In some cases, building the panel from scratch can help, or duplicating from another existing panel (that does have the overrides) and then modifying accordingly. In any event, I believe the behavior you are seeing, while clearly buggy, is something that has not been fully developed by Grafana.

Re-creating the dashboard solved the problem. I now also got a choice to chose the query (labelled A, B, C) and now everything works as expected.