Old graph bar and line in time series

I just upgraded grafana on centos from v 7.something to 9.0.2. Many things are much better and lot of shiny new features. But there is an existing panel I cannot recreate in 9.0.2. I have a wind forecast that is presented like this in the old graph panel

It shows very nicely how the short term forecast is given with 1 hour periods whereeas the longer term (after approx 48h) is given with 6h periods. I tried to migrate this panel, but then I can get bars or lines, the latter possibly with points, but I cannot see how to get the bars-and-lines plot from one time serie. Have I overlooked something or is there a possibility to plot the same time series twice in a time series panel?

A whole bunch of stuff moved in the panel editor in Grafana 8. Check out field overrides:

then you can do things like this: