Override in Polystat does not work

Hello all,

Im currently working on a Dashboard which shows all important stuff quite simple with ok or critical.
I use the plugin Polystat for this.
I have now defined 11 value mappings and everything works.
Now I need to create an override value mapping where I define 3 ranges (01-999, 1000-1999, 2000 - 3000), this doesnt work.
I created the override but nothing happens, here is a screenshot:

Am I doing anything wrong or is there a bug? I tried different overrides for value mappings but nothing works.

Using Version: * v9.0.3 (023f9251a

Thanks in advance and a nice weekend once it starts :wink:


What does this setting look like on your dashboard?


Hello yosiasz,

thank you for your reply.
I use the Panel “Polystat” and there I dont see this option:

I found now, that I have to use overrides from the “all” Tab and not the seperated Tab. Then the Overrights works but here I cant give the override a range is this right?

Is there another way to create a working override where I can define a range like “0-1000=ok”, “1001-2000=warning” and “2001-10000=Critical”?

What you are looking at looks like thresholds? In overrides when you add an override choose the field you want to check override on then use value mapping whi has a range option

Hi Yosiasz, thank you for you reply.
As you can see in the following screenshot - I did that but the overrides doesnt work, thats what Iam asking for, if Iam doing anything wrong or if there is an other way to do the override?

It should say OK and be Green but it stays purple and shows the value.

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Oops sorry! What version of grafana are you on. The original reply settings is what you need. Might require an upgrade?

Also what data source are you using? Could you please provide some sample data?

This seems like a bug? I cant get it done either

Looks like Polystats has it’s own value mapping down below


I already use the vlue mapping and therefore need the override function for one metrix which does not work, that’s why I opened the ticket :slight_smile:
In my first comment I attached a screenshot where you can see that I use 11 value mappings.

But you got conflicting and overlapping overrides and value mappings on that one. But worth creating an issue on grafana github