Decimal override not working

Hi there, im a bit confused that it is not working. tried 0 and 2 and auto , but it gets me bad values

Which version of Grafana are you on?


Current version: 5.3.4

It is set up in docker as a Homeassistant addon

Graph panel should update correctly after you click Apply. If not, it might be a bug in an older version. I’m on version 7.1.5 and I don’t have this issue.

i wasmistaken ver 5 is integration version

grafana is GRAFANA=“7.3.1” up to date tho

I just tested Grafana 7.3.1, decimal digits functionality. Its working form me.
I had to click “Apply” before changes could render on to the graph panel.

BEFORE decimal digits = 9

AFTER decimal digits = 0