Policy around ARM v7 Grafana Docker Images?

Hi guys,

Forgive me if I am missing something obvious, I am new to the forum.

We are building a customised docker image based off the official Grafana docker image and using Grafana Provisioning to include our dashboards and data sources.

Since we need to support ARM 64 and ARM V7 at the same time (think 32bit Raspberry PI) I am manually searching docker hub for official images that are built for arm/v7 and noticed that not all officially published versions are actually available.

For example latest for arm/v7 is 10.1.2 (Docker) while latest in 10.1 series is 10.1.4 available only for arm64. 10.2 is so far only available for arm64.

Same for the 9.x series. Latest for arm/v7 is 9.5.10 (Docker) while the very latest in 9.x series is 9.5.14 available only for arm64.

Is there any official policy around this? I’d like to make correct decisions for the future update path.

thanks for your help,