Armv7 build with version 8.4.1 not possible

Hi all,

Unfortunately I’m not able to build the Docker image for armv7 with the current grafana release version. I am working on Windows 10.

The build always stuck at dockerfile step:

“COPY --from=go-builder /grafana/bin/ /grafana-server /grafana/bin/ /grafana-cli ./bin/”

Please can you give me a hint. Thanks in advance.

welcome to the :grafana: forum, @peterlets

just curious, are you modifying something that requires you to build your own, unique docker image? Will this armv7 image not work for you?

Hi matt,

thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m trying to modify different stuff in the source code. I gave a try and I am able to build arm64 images but with armv7 and buildx function, it stucks like described at the last stages.

I changed the Makefile and use the command make build-docker-full.
The command inside the Makefile for docker build is:
docker buildx build - -tag grafana/grafana:dev - -platform linux/arm/v7 –load .

I’m using the newest docker desktop version. I also update yarn, Nodejs and go but now changes to the described issue.

Hi matt,

please can you give me an answer to that topic.

Thank you in advance.