Can't install grafana raspberry pi 1B ARM/V6

Hi Community,

I’m a newby but try to install grafana on my old raspberry pi 1B lying around.

What I did:

  • install latest raspberry OS
  • install all updates with
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    also kernel
    sudo rpi-update

I have also installed
Docker for node red was successfully installed, influxDB also.

After that, I wanted to create a grafana docker volume and install latest version:

docker volume create grafana
docker run -it -d
-p 3000:3000
-v grafana:/var/lib/grafana

  • What happened?
    I get the following error message

docker: no matching manifest for linux/arm/v6 in the manifest list entries.

I als tryed grafana/grafana-oss but no success

My question: is raspberry 1B to old or do you have another path for a arm/V6 installation?

Thanks for help

I also try to reinstall everything, but same issue.

I have no ideas…

Are you new to docker? if so, just for beginners leave docker alone and try installing it directly on rpi

sudo apt-get install -y adduser libfontconfig1
sudo dpkg -i grafana-rpi_9.4.7_armhf.deb

that was working! thanks for help!

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