Plugin gauge wrong displaying result (cycle view mode)


If we have a plug-in gauge and we click on the cycle view mode, then plugin have problem with displaying.

Grafana 7.5.3

Normal view

Cycle view mode

Hi there @deejayluk,

I tried to reproduce this on 7.5.3 but I couldn’t. Can you share some more details about this? Anything interesting in the Grafana logs during the cycle? Can you reproduce the bug across browsers and/or machines?

I created today new gauge and I pasted code from SQL and when I resize window the font blurred


or when I chenged value in text size

What browser are you using? Can you reproduce this bug across multiple browsers? Any plugins or extensions that could be causing a rendering issue? And what OS are you on? I’m having trouble replicating this.


I am using Chrome, Windows 10 but i verified on second PC and the issue was the same.
Chrome, IE, Edge the same problem.

I tried create new dashboard and add gauge and still I had issue.

śr., 14 kwi 2021, 19:58 użytkownik matt abrams via Grafana Labs Community Forums <> napisał:

okay, that’s very interesting.

  • Can you recreate this using any random number or datasource in the gauge plugin?
  • Can you recreate this on, which is also running 7.5.3?

I tried change datasource, I changed to Graphana as source and changed size of font and still the same :frowning:

On the site everything is ok

ok, this is super helpful. So to summarize:

on the same machine, running the same OS, and using the same browser, you can reproduce this bug in your personal grafana UI, but not on’s UI? Is that correct?

If so, this means that the glitch is likely specific to your instance. I’d love to try and reproduce your environment, if this is persisting. Can you share more about your setup?

Where is your grafana server hosted? On a virtual machine? On what OS is it running? How did you install it? How do you think we could reproduce your environment and configuration, with the least amount of effort?

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