Grafana Gauge Bug

Hi all,

I am using Grafana v7.5.7.

I’m trying to display a calculated value using gauge panel. I’m querying a Postgresql database and using a simple count function.

When re-sizing the panels or switching the template variables the gauge overlays multiple results over each other.

Re-sizing the gauge doesn’t matter too much but is still an issue, however the main bug is that when template variables are switched, the gauge doesn’t cleanly display the next value.

Gauge bug

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Hi @adamgailiunas

Thanks a lot for reporting this. Can I ask what browser and OS you are using to view the dashboard? And where is grafana running? What OS and how was it deployed? Any browser plugins running?

I’m asking b/c this has come up before and it can be difficult to replicate, so the more info the better :+1:

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We’re having the exact same issue.

Client: Ubuntu 21.10, with chrome 98.0.4758.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Server: Ubuntu 18.04, grafana-8.4.2 installed from the official repos.

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One work-around we found is by using the blendstat panel and then changing the display to a gauge and working with those settings. Doesn’t solve the issue for every instance though.

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Hi, just remove any panel using BlendStat, it is the problem.

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