Gauge display problem

Hi guys.
I have a problem with Guge Pannel
The panel works fine for a few minutes, but then the information displayed is incorrect and I need to refresh the entire web page to normalize.
I attach two images
(Normal View)
(Wrong view).

Can help me with this issue??
Tanks in advance.

Having the same issue. Any solution so far?

Nobody? Can’t be the case that we’re the only ones with this issue

What version of Grafana are you guys using? Also, can you share information about your data source and query?

Grafana version is 7.1.3, with older version this problem didn’t appear.
Data source is influxDB in my case.

The query is very simple:

SELECT last(“value”) FROM “pv_aktuelle_leistung” WHERE $timeFilter fill(null)

Please file a bug report in the grafana/grafana repository.